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What Makes a Woman Stylish?

Some women are just born with an eye for style but if there’s one thing we know about fashionable women, it’s that they’ve got their own tips and tricks to staying stylish through it all. A delightfully stylish woman shows her fashionable colors not only through her wardrobe, bur also through her behavior. Wanna know her style secrets - keep reading!


What Makes a Woman Stylish?


  1. She knows how to style herself according to her own taste
    The blouse itself is probably pretty cool, but it’s really the way she styled it—maybe she tucked into great-fitting jeans, unbuttoned one extra button, rolled up the sleeves, and added a killer pair of statement earrings—that made everyone comment on it.

  2. She isn’t a slave to fashion
    She’s able to have fun with fashion and follow trends without looking like a slave.

  3. She understands that accessories are everything
    Accessories are the icing on the cake, the shine on the diamond, the alcohol in her favorite adult beverage. With the right accessories even the most boring outfit can be transformed into a stylish comment about her, and she knows it. btw - investing in a pair of earrings is cheaper than buying a pair of pants.

  4. She respects her body
    She does not follow the media standard for what is sexy - she celebrates her own body whether stick thin or full figured!

  5. She mixes high-end pieces with affordable ones
    Just because something is high priced, doesn’t make it cute. She knows she can create a stylish look when wearing pieces at different price points.

  6. She has a signature style
    She keeps her clothes in a theme that gives herself a signature style. This is a look people associate with her and will make her seem more stylish, even if they don’t necessarily like her clothes.

  7. She’s confident
    A lot of looking stylish really comes down to projecting confidence. She walks down the street in clothes she clearly thinks she look great in and people will usually be inclined to agree.

  8. She shops wisely
    Her wardrobe is the envy of the women's club! Not because she spends like a celebrity, but because she is wise in her shopping.

  9. She’s graceful
    She doesn’t fall down if she’s wearing heels. Being graceful is easier for guys, but is still important and she doesn’t neglect it.

  10. She looks comfortable, even when she’s not
    Even if she’s wearing 4” stilettos, she looks like it’s all perfectly natural and is perfectly comfortable.

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